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Time-Lapse Videos Plus Transfer & Editing

Evolution Video Productions offers time-lapse recording as well as transfer and editing services. You can rely on us to get it right the first time.

Time-Lapse Video Recording & Production

Our time-lapse recording service is an excellent way to capture a construction or remodeling project. It is also a great way for your businesses, especially construction companies, to show prospective customers how you handle a project from start to finish. The following types of projects are ideal for time lapse video recording:

  • Constructing Decks, Roofs, & Pools
  • Resurfacing Driveways
  • Planting Gardens
  • Building Storage Sheds
  • Remodeling Rooms & Homes

You can have us film a 1-day, 3-month, or longer project. We shoot one frame per every few seconds and edit your footage for neatness. For multi-day projects, Evolution Video Productions will come to your location and set up the camera equipment. You are responsible for turning the camera on each morning and off each evening. Pricing is based on the scope and scale of your project.

Groom and Bride

Video Transfer & Editing

We transfer your VHS recordings to DVD, and if you want them edited, we do that too. To give your video a more personalized quality, we add custom transitions, present wedding invitations in a scrolling format, hand-type information for a clear background, and add still pictures to footage using the latest Adobe editing software. When we finish your project, it looks like it was done for a theatrical movie event. If you want custom labels and jewel case inserts for your discs, we do that using high-quality laser print inks and paper.