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Quality Video Surveillance Systems

Protect your family or business with a top-of-the-line surveillance system. To get a video surveillance system that will truly safeguard adequately, you should not rely on one from a big box store. Evolution Video Productions recommends going with a professional installer who will ensure your system is comprised of high-quality equipment.

Surveillance Monitoring

What We Offer

We use quality shielded rg6 cable by the spool, 500 feet at a time, preset with ground in power cables attached for the cameras. The cameras and DVRs we install come with a 2-terabyte hard drive for longer capture time. We install 4, 8, or 16 1.2-megapixel or higher cameras. Very high-quality IP surveillance systems that use Internet cables are also available, as well as real-time systems that use the Internet to let you view footage remotely. Pricing is based on the scope and scale of the system you choose.